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Physiotherapy, reworked.

Discover movement, mindfulness and strength in East Sheen, London. 


PHILOSOPHY        01

Move your body,
Empower your mind.

At Core LDN, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Instead we have a team of expert physiotherapists who can treat and rehab all injuries through a combination of manual therapy and innovative exercise rehabilitation in our specialised CORE mat and reformer Pilates classes*.

If you don’t need a tailored class and your priority is Pilates for fitness and strength, we’ve got that covered too with our PURE classes that are taught by experienced instructors rather than physiotherapists.

That means regardless of whether you’re in recovery mode, are pre/post natal or working on specific fitness goals, you can reap the rewards of Physiotherapy led Pilates.

* Before joining our CORE classes we ask you to complete a 1:1 assessment, a Core LDN Intro, for an in-depth assessment of your posture, strength and endurance.

“By taking a physio-led approach it means we can optimise your Pilates journey. Our unique method also ensures we will never train you blindly because we get to see exactly how your body moves, allowing us to tailor your sessions specifically to you. That’s why I wanted to run two styles of Pilates classes – to guarantee everyone gets the best workout, regardless of whether you’re in recovery or ready to jump straight in.”  Claire Mills, Core LDN Founder and Physiotherapist.

Empowering you to become the best version of yourself, whatever your health and fitness goals, this is physiotherapy, reworked.

Claire Mills Founder of Core LDN

Founded by 

Claire Mills


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SERVICES        02

Build strength. Find balance.

All our sessions are individually tailored to you through a deep understanding of movement and complemented by mindfulness principles to create balance in the mind and body.

Core LDN Physiotherapy East Sheen London

Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health

Bespoke recovery and rehabilitation programmes led by experienced physiotherapists.  

Core LDN Reformer Pilates Class East Sheen London


Personalised mat and reformer classes and private sessions to build strength and improve performance.

Core LDN Retreats and Wellness


Restorative workshops, getaways and mood-boosting retreats for mind, body and soul.

Reformer Pilates London Reformer Class at Core LDN

Core LDN intro

Designed for those who require injury rehab, are pre/post-natal or goal-driven, new clients must complete a 1:1 Core LDN Intro session before attending a CORE Pilates class.*

*not required for PURE Pilates classes

THE STUDIO        03

A space to recover and re-energise.

Housed in a former bank with many of its striking original features and a double height ceiling which allows the light to flood in, every element of Core LDN has been consciously designed to create a calming environment. The result is a workout space that helps reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

Key features:

  • 6 state of the art Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer beds

  • Private boutique studio for 1:1 sessions

  • Private Physiotherapy treatment room

  • Accessible toilet/changing room

  • Water station with still/sparkling/hot water

  • Excellent London transport links across South West London from Mortlake, Barnes, Clapham, Putney and Richmond.  5 minutes walk from Mortlake railway station and 3 minutes walk from Pure Gym East Sheen


OUR TEAM        04

They make it happen.

Claire Mills Core LDN

Claire Mills

Core LDN Founder, Physiotherapist and pilates innovator.  Mum and ambassador for ante and post natal pelvic health.

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Anna Woolley Core LDN Women's Health Specialist

Anna Woolley

Expert in pelvic health, pelvic floor rehabilitation and specialist pilates. Kind, determined and forward thinking.


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Laura Harman Core LDN

Laura Harman

Experienced physiotherapist, strength and conditioning expert and Pilates guru. Passionate about building strong, resilient bodies.


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BLOG        05

Expert advice from experienced Physiotherapists

More support on your health and wellness journey.  

Core LDN team doing reformer Pilates

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Core LDN reformer Pilates studio 2 East Sheen London

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