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Core LDN Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Pilates


What questions people ask us the most


All your burning questions answered here. If there’s anything we haven’t ticked off, send us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to help.

What makes Core LDN different from other Pilates studios?

We don’t just teach Pilates classes. We have a team of physiotherapists who can treat and rehab all injuries using reformer and mat Pilates. Our CORE classes are taught by expert physiotherapists tailored to those who require injury rehab, pre/post-natal rehab or who may be working on particular goals. However we understand that not everyone needs these tailored classes so we also run PURE classes taught by experienced instructors for those who want to do Pilates for fitness and wellbeing.


Can you explain the link between physiotherapy and reformer Pilates?

Physiotherapists treat pain and rehabilitate injuries. To enable us to do this we use hands-on treatment skills but we also need to address any dysfunction and strength imbalances through exercise rehab. The reformer Pilates machine is spring resisted which means it creates resistance in both parts of the movement and allows for eccentric muscle loading (lengthening of a muscle under a load). Working with the straps and the bar also closes the muscle chain, creating resistance in a push/pull effect all of which are essential for rehabilitating and strengthening.

Why do they work so well together?

Pilates is focused around controlled movements, core strengthening and posture and the exercises are designed to strength the muscle slings across the body which create a stronger centre or ‘powerhouse’ – essential for physio rehab. Add the reformer machine which adds resistance and it optimises the strength and control of movement throughout the body whilst preventing injuries and improving performance.



I don’t have any injuries, do I still need a private session first?

Not necessarily. If you are just wanting fitness classes, you can sign up to PURE (instructor led). If you are new to the practice, have injuries and are pregnant/just had a baby, our CORE classes (physiotherapy led) are designed specifically for these reasons. That’s why we ask you to come in and see one of our physio’s 1:1 for our Core LDN Intro.



What happens in a Core LDN Intro?

This is where we can learn about any relevant history, injuries and what your goals are. From here we will help you work out on the Reformer whilst assessing your posture, control and muscular endurance. This will ensure all CORE classes you attend can be tailored to you individually therefore optimising your Pilates journey so you get the most out of the classes.

What is the difference between Pilates CORE and Pilates PURE?


Pilates CORE is led by physiotherapists; experts in injury rehab, strength training and performance.

Pilates PURE is led by Pilates instructors and is focused on Pilates principles and whole body fitness workouts.



How do I know which one is right for me?

If you have any injuries, particular goals, are pre or post natal or a complete beginner we recommend starting with CORE. If you just want a whole body, fitness focused Pilates workout PURE is for you.

Can I do both classes?


Absolutely. It depends what you want to work on, our goal is to get anyone who’s injured to progress out of CORE into PURE for ongoing fitness through Pilates. The two have a different approach to teaching and often we find people like to mix it up.


Do you have a pay as you go option?


Yes, you can purchase drop in’s, blocks of 5 or 10 classes or our monthly memberships.



Do I need to wear anything specific?

We ask you to wear clothing comfortbale to exercise in. For hygiene reasons socks are essential for all classes/ sessions... grip socks if you’re a Pilates pro (we sell a selection of grip socks in the studio). A water station is available however we are all about being kind to the environment so please bring your own bottle.

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