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What is a reformer Pilates machine and where can I find a reformer near me?

By: Claire Mills, Physiotherapist and founder of Core LDN

First published: 3rd June 2024

What is a reformer pilates machine?

What is a Pilates reformer?

The reformer Pilates machine is spring resisted which means it creates resistance in both parts of the movement and allows for eccentric muscle loading (lengthening of a muscle under a load). Working with the straps and the bar also closes the muscle chain, creating resistance in a push/pull effect all of which are essential for rehabilitating and strengthening.

Reformer Pilates involves doing Pilates exercises on this spring resisted machine. The reformer allows you to work against the spring resistance and your body weight creating varying levels of challenge and optimising strengthening and lengthening of muscles.

What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a low impact, resistance based exercise which works on the deep core muscles and postural muscle system alongside the global muscles system to optimise overall muscle balance, control, strength and flexibility. Through the spring resistance the reformer works muscles eccentrically (lengthening under a load) which is required for strengthening and toning. The springs also allow exercises to be progressed and add challenge to your workouts and progress fitness as well and regress exercises which is perfect for injury rehabilitation.

What makes Core LDN different from other Pilates studios?

We don’t just teach Pilates classes. We have a team of physiotherapists who can treat and rehab all injuries using reformer and mat Pilates. Our CORE classes are taught by expert physiotherapists tailored to those who require injury rehab, pre/post-natal rehab or who may be working on particular goals. However we understand that not everyone needs these tailored classes so we also run PURE classes taught by experienced instructors for those who want to do Pilates for fitness and wellbeing.

Where is Core LDN?

Housed in a former bank with many of its striking original features and a double height ceiling which allows the light to flood in, every element of Core LDN has been consciously designed to create a calming environment. The result is a workout space that helps reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

We have 6 state of the art Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer beds and a private boutique studio for 1:1 sessions and private Physiotherapy appointments.

Core LDN is just 5 minutes walk from Mortlake railway station, 3 minutes walk from Pure Gym East Sheen with excellent London transport links across South West London from Mortlake, Barnes, Clapham, Putney and Richmond.  

Come and give us a try!

About Core LDN

Aimed at revolutionising the fitness and rehabilitation landscape, Core LDN firmly believe

that a one size fits all approach simply doesn't apply to wellness. At the heart of Core LDN's philosophy is a team of expert physiotherapists dedicated to treating and rehabilitating all injuries. Through a fusion of exercise rehabilitation in specialised CORE classes, clients can experience the benefits of Physiotherapy-led Pilates. Whether in recovery mode, navigating pre/postnatal stages, or striving towards specific fitness objectives, individuals can harness the power of personalised Pilates sessions.

To find out more about Core LDN, book a physiotherapy initial appointment or Core LDN Pilates intro visit


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