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Core LDN Speaker Series: Optimising nutrition & supplements

Core LDN and Detox Kitchen Wellness Reset

Optimising nutrition & supplements; where to start

Thursday 21st March, 19:45

Join us for an interactive evening and panel discussion on the huge impact food & diet have on our energy levels, sleep, hormones & overall health. 

We will be discussing why fueling yourself in the correct way has such an impact on how you function and how to use supplements alongside a healthy diet to optimise your wellbeing.

Our experts-

Tricia Traynor, registered nutritional therapist and metabolic balance coach

Helen Snook, co-founder of plant based supplement brand Indi.

You’ll have the chance to ask our experts your questions throughout the evening so you come away informed and empowered about this huge topic.

Cost: Free (spaces limited) Click here to secure your space


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