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Core LDN x Detox Kitchen: Wellness Reset

Core LDN and Detox Kitchen Wellness Reset

Treat yourself to a Spring Wellness reset with Core LDN x Detox Kitchen.

Are you in need of a gut reset and keen to kickstart a Spring routine? This easy-to follow wellness reset combines Core LDN Pilates sessions and a Detox Kitchen meal plan.

£180 (worth up to £240)

New to Core LDN:

Core LDN Intro + 2 x CORE Reformer Pilates classes + 3-day Reset Detox Kitchen Meal Plan

Existing Core LDN clients: 

3 x CORE or PURE Reformer Pilates classes + 3-day Reset Detox Kitchen Meal Plan

More information

Detox Kitchen 3-day reset (Protein or Vegan)

3-day intermittent fasting meal plans designed by their team of chefs in collaboration with Nutritional Therapist Phoebe Liebling.

You'll receive all the food and drink for the 3 days together on your chosen delivery date.

Providing an opportunity to rest and reset is what we are doing for our body when we adopt a well-managed intermittent fasting plan.  In doing so we increase metabolic efficiency, balance energy levels and actually differentiate between what true hunger and habitual hunger is.

Core LDN

At Core LDN we bring together the worlds of Physiotherapy, Pilates and Wellness to create a unique approach to rehabilitation and exercise. 

Our team of physiotherapists will elevate your Pilates to a new level and motivate you to kick start a Spring routine helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

If you are new to Core LDN we will start you with a Core LDN Intro - a 45 minute Pilates 1:1 with one of our expert physiotherapist's followed by 2 x CORE reformer classes to imprint your new habit.

Existing clients can enjoy 3 CORE or PURE reformer classes alongside your 3 day meal plan.


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