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Core LDN featured in Hip and Healthy

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The Form-Focused Studio That Will Help You Move Better

Core LDN Physiotherapy and Reformer Pilates

CORE LDN is the newest studio to open its doors in South West London, housing a blend of physiotherapy, Pilates and wellness to create a 360-degree approach to rehabilitation and performance. Founder, Claire Mills, has poured her 15+ years of expertise into creating this beautiful hub that primarily aims to help you move better.

"this isn’t just another studio jumping on the reformer trend that’s for sure"

Unlike other studios, CORE LDN requires all new clients to undergo a private intro session prior to booking a Pilates class to conduct an in-depth assessment of their posture, control and movement patterns to ensure the optimal Pilates journey. This is a testament to how dedicated CORE LDN are to ensuring their clients get the most out of the tailored experience, this isn’t just another studio jumping on the reformer trend that’s for sure.

CORE LDN offers reformer and mat Pilates sessions, plus private 1-to-1s. Following the intro, the team will recommend whether their ‘Pure’; traditional Reformer or ‘Core’; geared towards rehabilitation, will be best suited to you.

The group sessions are intimate and precise, meaning there’s no chance you’ll ever be performing the incorrect technique, resulting in maximum results. The Physiotherapists are on hand to assist with all types of injury and treatments including manual therapy, acupuncture, myofascial release, taping and innovative exercise rehabilitation.

CORE LDN also offer a specialist service dedicated to supporting pelvic health, an area that affects the majority of women at some stage, yet is so often overlooked! CORE LDN’s philosophy is a refreshing approach to wellness, their friendly experts genuinely care about your needs and will work with your body to whatever you individual needs are.

Words by Isabelle Shury.

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